Gas Mowers

Mowox gas mowers are powered by Briggs & Stratton engines that have a well-earned reputation of being tough and dependable and easy to use and maintain.

Great features include:

  • The InStart® lithium-ion electric starting engine, which combines the power of gas and the starting reliability of a lithium-ion battery. Just push the button to start.
  • The hassle-free Ready Start® engine. No priming, no choking, just pull the starting cord for power.
  • Mowox is the only brand to offer a zero-turn walk-behind mower, giving you more maneuverability and flexibility to mow tight turns and landscaped areas.

And all Mowox Mowers are built to tackle the toughest terrain. You owe it to yourself to see how far mowing technology has come.

With Mowox and Briggs & Stratton, your search stops here.

Battery Mowers

Mowox combined high-quality lithium-ion battery technology with durable steel construction.

The result? A line of easy-to-use mowers that offer all the power you need to tackle your toughest yard challenges.

But it’s what these mowers don’t have that sets them apart. No gas. No oil. No cords to pull. Zero carbon emissions. Cordless convenience has arrived.

Unleash the beast with MOWOX!.