Battery Mower
Innovation Meets Performance.
Charge forward with the most powerful battery mower.
Leaf Blower
Get Blown Away.
Leaves and debris have met their match.
Zero Turn Mower
Powerful and Agile.
Tackles tight spots and tough terrain.
A Cut Above the Rest.
Portable. Powerful. No gas needed.
Gas Mower
The Ultimate Lawn Defender.
Powers through tall grass with ease.

Mowox Battery Powered 82v Mower

Mowox MG0762

Mowox Professional Gas Powered Mower

Mowox 1520 EN Professional Gas Mower

Mowox ZTR Gas Powered Mower

Mowox Zero Turn Gas Mower 2613

Mowox: high quality and impeccable design

We are excited to present the MOWOX line of high quality and impeccably designed products to the US market.

We think you will agree that MOWOX outdoor power equipment will provide you with innovative and reliable tools and machinery.

Daye Garden integrates quality in every product. We take our responsibility seriously. From the sourcing of raw materials to environmental impact, we work to ensure that our manufacturing process meets the strict standards established by the International Stands Organization.

Our vision is to be a world leader in the outdoor power equipment industry.
Our mission includes a win-win relationship with our customers, sharing fairly with our employees and incorporating modern, social practices.

MOWOX - Unleash the Beast with MOWOX for the Ultimate Landscaping Experience!

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