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Gas Powered Mowers

Mowox Gas Mowers are powered by Briggs & Stratton engines that have a well-earned reputation of being tough and dependable and easy to use and maintain.

Great features include:

  • The InStart® lithium-ion electric starting engine, which combines the power of gas and the starting reliability of a lithium-ion battery. Just push the button to start.
  • Hassle-free Ready Start® engine. No priming, no choking, just pull the starting cord for power.
  • Mowox is the only brand to offer a zero-turn walk-behind mower, giving you more maneuverability and flexibility to mow tight turns and landscaped areas.
  • And all Mowox Mowers are built to tackle the toughest terrain. You owe it to yourself to see how far mowing technology has come.

With Mowox and Briggs & Stratton, your search stops here.

Gas Powered Mower MNA152616
725 Engine with Instart Technology
Easy Height Adjustment MNA152603
Gas Powered Mower MNA152614